Saturday, 16 July 2011


Well, I missed a few days. Found out Thursday I didn't get the job I had interviewed for on Monday. Sucks but such is life, win some, lose some. This puts my career search even more into focus now. This coming week is career/schooling research week. Have some great resources from my career search workshop I took at BCIT that I'm going to start using to create a sort of business type proposal to figure this all out.
Still haven't got my bike, should be here this week, I hope!
Starting my run/walk program tomorrow. Need to get a watch or something with a timer on it as I really don't want to get my iPhone wet!
Went to the Giro di Burnaby criterium race on Thursday night, so amazing! Was totally blown away by the women's race and then even more blown away by the men! Averaging 50kms an hour for 30 laps of a 1.85km course, simply incredible. Some of the breakaways and attacks were incredible. The primes were really cool, you've been riding hard for half an hour and still have enough in the tank to sprint for cash, so cool! Wish I could have seen the tour de delta crit's and the UBC one now.
Well, enough or now, relaxing on the couch time with my beautiful wife!

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