Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sun, what is this thing called sun?

Well, suns out, for a few days at least. Not on my run this morning though. Was kind of nice, had a light drizzle to cool me off a little. Not quite sure why but today's run, first part at least (the 2/1 run walk part) was pretty tough. I think I must have felt pretty good about yesterday's run so maybe over did it a little and sure was sucking wind. Once I started to concentrate on my breathing, seemed to even it out a little so that's probably why it was tougher. Felt good on the 1/1 run/walk part though, was able to pick the pace up a little. Tomorrow is another rest day but going to do some exercise work, pushups, sit-ups and squats. Saturdays run will be six times 2/1 and I'm looking forward to it.
Think I'm going to look into signing up for a 5k for maybe September/October, kind of like a goal to work towards. With the biking, the run/ walk program and things like squats, pushups and sit-ups, I think it's a good goal to work for. Funny, because even a short few months ago I would never even have considered that and would have keeled over laughing at you for even considering it!
Oh yeah, here's today's run: day 5 run/walk program
Was a little slower pace but a little farther then yesterday.
Also considering asking my sister in-law to maybe give me some swimming lessons, wouldn't mind adding that to my program, considering Canada games is less than a five minute walk away!
Well, that's all for now, till next time, audios muchachos!

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  1. Hey Rob, just wanted to send you a note to tell you how great this is!! You should be so proud of yourself! xo Tris.