Monday, 11 July 2011

Day two

So, had an interview for a tech support position for Xerox, not sure how it went and what will happen but we'll see. Still not sure if this the career path I want to take but couldn't pass up the interview.
On the health front, still waiting for the call to say my bike is here, I can't wait to get it! Bought it at this shop in Fort Langley called Fort Langley Cyclery. Great shop, great guys and just a welcome atmosphere to buy a bike. Found they made the daunting task of finding the right bike so much easier than it had seemed at other shops. I found I had done so much research into the type of bike I wanted that I was more confused than I was before but the guys at FLC were able to answer the questions, ask the questions and get me exactly what I wanted and more importantly, needed. I won't lie, I really wanted the Felt going in and they made the decision easier. Also helps having an amazing wife to help me make the right decision, thanks Ash!
I've also decided to take a break from all soft drinks. Going to try a month with no coke, root beer and stuff and see how it goes. Amazing how much sugar a bottle of coke has so hoping to see if it makes a bit of a difference cutting it out.
Found the coolest cycling jersey today and for a great cause "F___ Cancer"
Well, early morning tomorrow so off to bed.

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