Friday, 12 August 2011

Call me crazy...

So, haven't updated in a while, been busy running, riding, working and enjoying life in beautiful BC with my beautiful wife!
So, where to start... Well, got the bike, it's freaking amazing! Wish I could ride every day, it's so much fun to ride! Took it to Gibsons a couple weeks ago and just rode around the town. Second day I had it I rode to Brentwood mall and back, probably over did it for a first ride but it was so much fun. Going to start riding to work next week, pretty excited about that to!
Finished my 21 days to a 30 minute running habit and now moving on to an eight week 5k training program. Going to strt doing 5k's in November starting with the Boundary Bay Moustache Marathon on November 6!
Hope to do one a month and work my way up to 10k and half marathons by next summer. Pretty excited and nervous at the same time!
Went to Vegas with Ashley, Mike, Elizabeth, Jay and Kassie last weekend for Elizabeths 40th birthday. Had a great time and even ran twice while we were there, 25 degrees the first morning and 29 degrees the next! Went and saw the Viva Elvis Cirque de Soleil and was blown away! Had never been to a Irque how before and I'm glad that was my first!
Well, getting ready for bed now, have an early Saturday morning run coming up!