Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bike Is Here!!!

Bikes here but can't get it until Saturday. So excited, can't wait to ride all weekend!
Might have hockey Sunday night too so tons of exercise this week!
Runs have been going good, here's the second one: Day Two Run/Walk program
Day three was an off day and did day four today, up to 2/1minutes Run walk! Was hard at first but got easier, especially when switched to 1/1minutes run/walk after 5 of the 2/1.
Here's day four: Day Four Run/Walk program
Tomorrow is the same as today so hope to do a little better, maybe a little farther and a little quicker but not to worried, just getting started so don't want to over do it right away.
Sure is nice to feel so good and awake and energized all day after the runs, and I'll tell you, haven't slept so good in so long!
Well, that's if for now, will right again tomorrow!

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