Sunday, 24 July 2011

Got my bike!!!

Yesterday I went and got my bike! So excited, got a basic fitting for it and will ride for a few weeks and then get it redone to make sure it's ok. Got some Look pedals, Diadora shoes, a Bell helmet and Pearl Izumi bib/shorts. Going for my first ride today! Going to ride to North Van to get an idea of how long it will take to get there for getting to work.
Did my run this morning, totally overdid it and gassed about half way. Going to slow my pace way down, to the point where I can have a conversation, not worry how far I go but just run at a slow comfortable pace so I get my cardio up. It's cool having tri-athletes as friends/family, get lots of tips and suggestions, thanks Jeff!
Here's the last few days runs: Day 7 Day 8
Well, have to do some cleaning and then go for a ride!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sun, what is this thing called sun?

Well, suns out, for a few days at least. Not on my run this morning though. Was kind of nice, had a light drizzle to cool me off a little. Not quite sure why but today's run, first part at least (the 2/1 run walk part) was pretty tough. I think I must have felt pretty good about yesterday's run so maybe over did it a little and sure was sucking wind. Once I started to concentrate on my breathing, seemed to even it out a little so that's probably why it was tougher. Felt good on the 1/1 run/walk part though, was able to pick the pace up a little. Tomorrow is another rest day but going to do some exercise work, pushups, sit-ups and squats. Saturdays run will be six times 2/1 and I'm looking forward to it.
Think I'm going to look into signing up for a 5k for maybe September/October, kind of like a goal to work towards. With the biking, the run/ walk program and things like squats, pushups and sit-ups, I think it's a good goal to work for. Funny, because even a short few months ago I would never even have considered that and would have keeled over laughing at you for even considering it!
Oh yeah, here's today's run: day 5 run/walk program
Was a little slower pace but a little farther then yesterday.
Also considering asking my sister in-law to maybe give me some swimming lessons, wouldn't mind adding that to my program, considering Canada games is less than a five minute walk away!
Well, that's all for now, till next time, audios muchachos!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bike Is Here!!!

Bikes here but can't get it until Saturday. So excited, can't wait to ride all weekend!
Might have hockey Sunday night too so tons of exercise this week!
Runs have been going good, here's the second one: Day Two Run/Walk program
Day three was an off day and did day four today, up to 2/1minutes Run walk! Was hard at first but got easier, especially when switched to 1/1minutes run/walk after 5 of the 2/1.
Here's day four: Day Four Run/Walk program
Tomorrow is the same as today so hope to do a little better, maybe a little farther and a little quicker but not to worried, just getting started so don't want to over do it right away.
Sure is nice to feel so good and awake and energized all day after the runs, and I'll tell you, haven't slept so good in so long!
Well, that's if for now, will right again tomorrow!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Run/Walk started

So, I got my fat ass out of bed this morning and started my three weeks to a 30min running habit deal. Went really well, I'll post the runkeeper updates as I do them. Day one.
Amazing how good I felt after. So much so that I walked down to Safeway at Mcrbride and 8th to get groceries, came back and did some cleaning and then cleaned out the storage locker with all my crap in it.
Then went through and organized all the crap. Was cool because I found some cycling jerseys I had from before, not cool that they don't fit anymore!
Found a whole bunch of cool stuff I'd forgotten about, like my autographed Gordie Howe bobblehead, 3 different versions of SNFU's "And noone else wanted to play", my autographed Dominik Hasek picture and my autographed King Richard "45!
Well, off to bed, getting up a 6:45 to run/walk!

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Well, I missed a few days. Found out Thursday I didn't get the job I had interviewed for on Monday. Sucks but such is life, win some, lose some. This puts my career search even more into focus now. This coming week is career/schooling research week. Have some great resources from my career search workshop I took at BCIT that I'm going to start using to create a sort of business type proposal to figure this all out.
Still haven't got my bike, should be here this week, I hope!
Starting my run/walk program tomorrow. Need to get a watch or something with a timer on it as I really don't want to get my iPhone wet!
Went to the Giro di Burnaby criterium race on Thursday night, so amazing! Was totally blown away by the women's race and then even more blown away by the men! Averaging 50kms an hour for 30 laps of a 1.85km course, simply incredible. Some of the breakaways and attacks were incredible. The primes were really cool, you've been riding hard for half an hour and still have enough in the tank to sprint for cash, so cool! Wish I could have seen the tour de delta crit's and the UBC one now.
Well, enough or now, relaxing on the couch time with my beautiful wife!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Day two

So, had an interview for a tech support position for Xerox, not sure how it went and what will happen but we'll see. Still not sure if this the career path I want to take but couldn't pass up the interview.
On the health front, still waiting for the call to say my bike is here, I can't wait to get it! Bought it at this shop in Fort Langley called Fort Langley Cyclery. Great shop, great guys and just a welcome atmosphere to buy a bike. Found they made the daunting task of finding the right bike so much easier than it had seemed at other shops. I found I had done so much research into the type of bike I wanted that I was more confused than I was before but the guys at FLC were able to answer the questions, ask the questions and get me exactly what I wanted and more importantly, needed. I won't lie, I really wanted the Felt going in and they made the decision easier. Also helps having an amazing wife to help me make the right decision, thanks Ash!
I've also decided to take a break from all soft drinks. Going to try a month with no coke, root beer and stuff and see how it goes. Amazing how much sugar a bottle of coke has so hoping to see if it makes a bit of a difference cutting it out.
Found the coolest cycling jersey today and for a great cause "F___ Cancer"
Well, early morning tomorrow so off to bed.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

My new blog

So, I've decided to start a blog on the progress of my soon to be starting life changes.
The first change is my health, can't put it any simpler than I'm out of shape, unmotivated and overweight.
I can think of a time when I weighed around 190lbs and could play a whole show or hockey game without getting gassed halfway through. The goal is to get to that point again and keep it that way.
To achieve this I've been looking into some exercise programs that involve swimming, running and biking. Now don't get to excited, I'm not training to compete in triathlons or anything, just doing things to feel better, look better (not that I'm concerned about looks but being able to wear clothes that don't look good with my gut would be great!) and get my energy levels to where they should be would be great. Have to stay alive and healthy as long as I can, have a beautiful wife to look forward to for a long time!
I've purchased some really nice running shoes, a bike that I probably don't need and I'm going to look into a Canada Games pool membership. I'm going to start by riding my bike to work 3 days a week with some basic exercises when I get there like pushups, squats and lunges. Basically I'm modifying an Olympic triathlete bike training program to go along with me riding to work aprox. 36kms a day. I'm also planning to do a run/walk program that I found on called Three Weeks to a 30-Minute Running Habit. How I'll find the time to do all this I'm not quite sure yet as my work schedule could be drastically changing in the next few weeks and could effectively put a major kink in the whole plan but I'm expecting it and planning for it.
That leads to the second change, my work. I've recently finished a career search workshop at BCIT that was very informative and really has me thinking about what I want to do for a career. Ultimately I have about 20-25 years left to work and I'd really like to find something that I can enjoy, is fulfilling and pays half decently. Some of the things I'm looking at will involve schooling, possibly 1-2 years or more, so this could be a big change but one that I'm excitedly anticipating!
Well, that's it for now but looking forward to updating this every day with all the fun and exciting changes that could be happening!