Sunday, 10 July 2011

My new blog

So, I've decided to start a blog on the progress of my soon to be starting life changes.
The first change is my health, can't put it any simpler than I'm out of shape, unmotivated and overweight.
I can think of a time when I weighed around 190lbs and could play a whole show or hockey game without getting gassed halfway through. The goal is to get to that point again and keep it that way.
To achieve this I've been looking into some exercise programs that involve swimming, running and biking. Now don't get to excited, I'm not training to compete in triathlons or anything, just doing things to feel better, look better (not that I'm concerned about looks but being able to wear clothes that don't look good with my gut would be great!) and get my energy levels to where they should be would be great. Have to stay alive and healthy as long as I can, have a beautiful wife to look forward to for a long time!
I've purchased some really nice running shoes, a bike that I probably don't need and I'm going to look into a Canada Games pool membership. I'm going to start by riding my bike to work 3 days a week with some basic exercises when I get there like pushups, squats and lunges. Basically I'm modifying an Olympic triathlete bike training program to go along with me riding to work aprox. 36kms a day. I'm also planning to do a run/walk program that I found on called Three Weeks to a 30-Minute Running Habit. How I'll find the time to do all this I'm not quite sure yet as my work schedule could be drastically changing in the next few weeks and could effectively put a major kink in the whole plan but I'm expecting it and planning for it.
That leads to the second change, my work. I've recently finished a career search workshop at BCIT that was very informative and really has me thinking about what I want to do for a career. Ultimately I have about 20-25 years left to work and I'd really like to find something that I can enjoy, is fulfilling and pays half decently. Some of the things I'm looking at will involve schooling, possibly 1-2 years or more, so this could be a big change but one that I'm excitedly anticipating!
Well, that's it for now but looking forward to updating this every day with all the fun and exciting changes that could be happening!

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