Sunday, 17 July 2011

Run/Walk started

So, I got my fat ass out of bed this morning and started my three weeks to a 30min running habit deal. Went really well, I'll post the runkeeper updates as I do them. Day one.
Amazing how good I felt after. So much so that I walked down to Safeway at Mcrbride and 8th to get groceries, came back and did some cleaning and then cleaned out the storage locker with all my crap in it.
Then went through and organized all the crap. Was cool because I found some cycling jerseys I had from before, not cool that they don't fit anymore!
Found a whole bunch of cool stuff I'd forgotten about, like my autographed Gordie Howe bobblehead, 3 different versions of SNFU's "And noone else wanted to play", my autographed Dominik Hasek picture and my autographed King Richard "45!
Well, off to bed, getting up a 6:45 to run/walk!

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