Sunday, 11 September 2011

Best run ever!

Yesterday I went for a run with an old friend, Jeff Seeley. Jeff has been doing marathons and triathlons for about 6 years and is an amazing runner. We went on about a 45-50 minute run and picked his brain for pointers. The guy is just a wealth of info! This is the run we did:
Was an amazing run, I was pretty nervous going in but kept a pace a little quicker than I am used to and only faltered a couple times. Jeff had us run the last km at a race pace which was just awesome, thought I was going to die at the end but was so worth it!
The coolest part was hearing how he started running, from the Sun run to the Vancouver marathon to the Boston marathon (so amazing!) to training and competing in triathlons.
Pretty cool, if I can inspire someone to run like he has for me, that would be pretty amazing!
Still really enjoying running and biking, not biking as much as I'd like but loving it!
Got some great pointers on a training program for the Las Vegas half and am really looking forward to putting them in action and seeing the results.
Still nervous about the half marathon but getting more excited by the day as my running progresses. Still amazed at how far I've come in a short few months, and the fact I'm still sticking to it and really enjoying it is really cool.

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